Tuesday, 13 May 2008


The best thing about riding the bus is that you're up high enough to see over the big stone walls and hedges. This is part of the view on the ride into work. I really enjoy my bus ride since finding this new route. It's very relaxing, except for the part where the road is really narrow and we almost hit other cars. Yesterday I thought we were going to be flattened by an 18 wheeler. Lord knows what it was doing on this road! Anyway, I'll probably try and take more of these, so stay tuned!


Caryn said...

LOL, I'm always complaining to Glenn about the hedges and walls that block the views - and he always complains about how we have too many trees on our mountains in the US and that they block the view there!

Helen said...

I went on a coach trip a few weeks ago and was amazed at the views!! Now I know what I've been missing by being down low in my car all the time. Great photo!