Tuesday, 17 June 2008


This is my blanket. I love my blanket. My grandma made it for me when I left for college many moons ago! It's very versatile. I use it as a blanket (of course!), a pillow, I cover my eyes with it when the sun comes up at 5am, you name it! My blanket has a cousin back at my parent's house. My great-grandma made it for me when I was little. I don't remember when she gave it to me, but I can't remember not having it. Much to my mother's dismay I still pull it out of the closet when I'm at home. Wes calls it my Charlie Brown blanket because it's yellow and brown like Charlie Brown's shirt. Watch this space for a picture of it in a few short weeks!

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Elynor said...

I had a similar blanket as a child, except mine also had blue stripes!