Tuesday, 21 October 2008


See this guy? A few months ago I went all 'American' on him. The bus ride home is about an hour on a good day. On this unfortunate day I forgot my iPod and only had a book. The bus was full, it was annoying, but it was 5:30pm on a work day. What do you expect? So this guy ended up standing next to me while I was sitting in one of those seats right behind the driver. For the ENTIRE journey he muttered under his breath. At first, I agreed with him. It was an annoying ride. The bus was packed and the driver just kept picking up more people. But then people started getting off and he was still cursing under his breath. The driver would stop at a red light and more cursing! Don't curse the driver for driving responsibly! This went on for at least an hour and I just couldn't take it anymore. I tried. I really did. I couldn't believe how much his negativity was making my blood boil. So I did it. I got up the courage to say, 'Your comments aren't making this journey go any faster.' At which point he told me to mind my own business. I told him that he was making this very difficult and I would appreciate it if he could keep his comments to himself. So, yes, I was a bitch. But at least the final 10 minutes of the trip was in peace!


Meg said...

Hahaha! You're my hero. There have been so many times I have just wanted to speak up to someone and tell them to pack it in.

Mindy said...

Good for you! I hate getting stuck next to crazy bus guy.