Friday, 1 August 2008


I know you love bus pictures. Sorry for the long post, but today was THE most bizarre commute ever. The picture is of the first thing that happened. The bus is driving along and we come across this truck with its back end still on the narrow road. The bus driver stops and is honking the horn. He finally has to get out and go have a word with the driver. Apparently the truck tried to pull into a business, but there's a gate, so he can't move forward. The picture is the driver coming back to the bus, but stopping to direct some traffic in the meantime (this is futile because people just go whenever they want). Eventually he gets back in, pulls the side mirror in and literally drives through the hedge to get around the truck. There were about 3 inches between us and him. He stops to put the mirror back. Then about 2 stops later he pulls up and hits the mirror on the bus shelter and the mirror breaks off. Visibly annoyed he gets out and throws the mirror into the bus. We continue on. We're coming up on another stop and there is a man laying on ground*, his head is on the road and feet are on the curb. The other people at the stop are frantically attending to him. The bus driver stops and gets out. Comes back on and asks if there are any first aiders on the bus. Nope. He goes out. He comes back and says, 'What's next!?' Seriously! I felt really bad for the guy. We then had to get out of the bus and wait for a replacement bus because of the broken mirror. It was a crazy commute for sure!

*Apparently the guy had an epileptic seizure. He was standing up within a few minutes. And fortunately a doctor from the local surgery pulled up in his Porsche.


T said...

bloody hell!!!

Kate said...

Madness!! *insert google eyed smiley here*