Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Isn't the idea of the lampshade that it shades the light bulb??


Beth said...

Looks like that's a bulb from Ikea. I had the same problem with ones I put in my table lamps. Bothered me so much I had to take them out and go get regular ones.... Still don't know what to do with the Ikea ones!

Kim said...

Oh'll find once you move here that this look has nothing to do with the bulb. It used to be a normal bulb until my housemate bought these energy saving ones. You'll often find overhead lights with non-bulb- covering shades them like this one. It can feel a bit like an interrogation room when you're sitting underneath them.

Helen said...

I hate those energy-saving bulbs! My bf's house has them everywhere! I have to turn the light off to dry my hair in the morning (no matter how dark it is), because otherwise the glare from the exposed bulb reflects in the mirror and I can't see myself! (Yes, my life is hard.)

I never had that issue in my house in the UK. There are better shades available out there!